ECGC 2022 Update 12/02/2022

Dear Captains

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

We are starting final preparations for our event this summer. The initial scare that the omicron gave us has now presented a little clearer picture. Norway lifted a lot (most) of restrictions last Tuesday*, and we also expect the 1-meter rule to be abandoned very shortly. Experience from last summer also indicates things will be better from the spring on, and we feel confident about ECGC 2022!

We have done our best to organize this event within the cost of our (adjusted) offer. The registered number is about half the number of participants that we budgeted for (before covid), so we`ve cancelled one golf course (as mentioned), but it also means shared costs are twice of what we budgeted. We`ll do a final assessment once we have passed 2nd payment, but we hope we can stick to our original plan. (We will not collect more money after the 2nd payment, but adjust accordingly.)

These shared costs (about 1/3 of your cost) will not be refunded after the 2nd payment, as that would mean the ones coming would have to pay more (which would be unfair to them). The rest (about 2/3 of your cost) will be refunded for cancellations before 25th of March. After that the general rule is no refund, but people that are restricted from travelling due covid will be handled individually. We have not budgeted for this, so the maximum that you can expect to get refunded is the cost of the hotel room.

Please complete your payment before 18. February.
Payment info (same as before):
Remember all transfer costs to be paid by the sender.

If you would like to come early or leave late and stay at the ECGC hotel, extra nights can be booked via this link with code “ECGC2022” (you can change language bottom left):

We will provide info about the pulpit rock hiking trip Friday (not part of the ECGC) as previously announced at a later stage.

Registration will remain open until the end of the month. After that, please e-mail [email protected] for possibility to enter.

Current entry requirements to Norway can be found here (we expect this page to be updated when things change):

(* Also FYI:Latest press release/General info about covid in Norway:

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Stavanger in May!

Kind regards

OC ECGC 2022

Tom, Olav, Per and Christian